Online Voting Platform

Using Votenti, organising a vote will no longer be a problem. From now on, you can efficiently and conveniently organise or participate in a meeting of any body (e.g. a company, a housing association, a circle of pizza friends) or vote by circulation.

Why Choose Us?

Discover a better way to vote remotely

Votenti is a practical platform for online voting, storing company documents, communicating with body members and archiving voting results.

Votenti has been dedicated not only to companies, associations and cooperatives, but also to housing communities, foundations and all other groups or bodies that require decision-making by voting. It was particularly important for us to create a transparent and tool that meets the expectations of the market. 

Wygodny start

Votenti is based on an intuitive platform that is easy to log in to and create an organisation's account.


With Votenti you will save time and spend less than by participating in traditional ballots. We cut unnecessary costs.

gdpr compliance

We care about privacy policies - we are compliant with RODO and eIDAS. Lawyers designed and tested the tool.


Online voting reduces CO2 emissions, making it an eco-friendly choice compliant with ESG regulations.

Thoughtful Solution

Increase the Efficiency of Your Organization by Making Quick Decisions

Votenti offers a wide range of options to meet the needs of the market. The system’s features allow you to flexibly adapt the tool to your organisation.

Easy Configuration

Clear Interface, Convenient Management

Votenti’s set-up is fast and convenient. Everyone will find their way here.


Safety and Legal Compliance

With Votenti, you don’t have to worry about legal issues:

Sample screens

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